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Jackson has a Date!

Well it has been a few days since the last blog and the goal continues to be able to provide updates about Jackson to ultimately get to today so that you can be a part of all the full stuff that is happening as we raise Jackson. We have heard from so many of you about the blog and I promise to continue sharing updates… So Jackson has so many people in his life that we agree that it takes a village and we will rely on the village to help us raise Jackson.

We have him home, we have a Nanny and now the real work begins. In the state of Georgia (at the time) Doug and I could not complete the adoption at the same time. It had nothing to do with us be a same sex couple, it was a law for anyone who was not married. So we agreed that we would complete my adoption process 1st and then we would complete Doug’s. In working with the attorney my court date would be in April and we didn’t have a time period yet for Doug’s completion. The entire process was nerve racking.

At 1st we planned Jackson’s debut party for the last week in April after the adoption as I didn’t want anything to go wrong. But we soon found out that all the locations I wanted to be in Atlanta were either sold or the city was going to be crazy busy during that time. So we moved the debut party to the 1st weekend in April and the Monday following the party would be the date I would appear before the judge.

But before talking about the party I gotta tell you again, that sleep really is for the Weak… Jackson needed his bottle every 2 hours without fail. Doug liked going to bed early so he would go to bed around 8:30pm and I would stay up with Jackson until about 2am doing all of the feedings etc and then I would go to bed at 2am and Doug would take over until the Nanny arrived at 7:30am.

It was February 14th and Isabel (Jackson’s god mother) wanted to have date night with Jackson for his 1st Valentine. Doug and I decided to hit the town. We were excited as we were finally going to leave the house so we got tickets to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. We left the house had a nice steak dinner with a half of glass of wine, it is now about 6:30pm. We arrive at the Fox Theater for the show and its now about 8:30pm. Did I mention that we were exhausted! So literally around 9:15 Doug and I looked at each other and said let’s go home…. We could not keep our eyes open. I am still not sure how we were able to drive so it was a different Happy Valentine.

Now, going back to Jackson’s debut party. ---- It had to be grand, it had to be different and it needed to be on point, so I enlisted my dear friend Victor who helped find the venue and the caterers. It was a wonderful event, it was open bar with specialty drinks, a step and repeat for photos and literally over 120 people all came out to meet Master Jackson. It was an amazing event with family and friends from Minneapolis, North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Virginia, New York, Dallas and beyond all to meet Jackson for the 1st time.

This event would have to be classic because it would be his 1st party and there would be no holding back. After the party all that traveled from out of state were invited back to the loft for dinner and continued socializing with Jackson. What an emotional day – really it was an emotional weekend. But the next day we had to appear before the judge. That experience on the next blog... But here are a few other photos from the debut party...

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