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Sunday Morning

I woke up around 5am this morning. It sounded like someone walking through the house. I leapt out of bed. After running around for a couple of minutes, I realized it wasn’t an intruder - just Jackson kicking the side of his crib.

And our Sunday was off to a flying start!

The odds of an early start can be calculated by multiplying the number of hours spent sleeping by the number of drinks consumed.

Yesterday was CanadaFest at Atlantic Station. After enjoying some poutine and Canadian flag waving, we went to The Pig & Pearl. The food was great and the service was outstanding! Check it out on OpenTable.

Jackson had been good all day. That is, until we sat down at the restaurant where he proceeded to scream, cry and throw things. Clearly we’ve entered the “terrible twos”. Thank goodness everyone was understanding and forgiving - especially the guy at another table who got nailed with a crayon. We may have an MLB pitcher on our hands!

And that’s how it works: a stressful dinner equals extra drinks, less sleep and an inevitable early start! I’m just praying for an early nap!

I’m sure we’re not alone. Share your “terrible twos” stories!

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