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The Times They Are A-Changin'

StartFragmentAs Bob Dylan once sang, "The Times They Are A-Changin'". Of course that was more than 50 years ago and he was talking about serious political stuff. But today I'm noticing some practical changes that any parent, be they male, female, straight or gay, can seriously appreciate. Changes that can transform a thing of drudgery into a thing a delight. Changes so you don't need to break your back when someone needs a little freshening up. I'm talking about changing tables in Men's Room!

Since Jackson was born, we've been on a never ending reconnaissance mission to ascertain the changing table situation. To that end, he's been changed all over the place:

  • The bathroom floor of a gay nightclub. To be fair, it was during Jackson's Sip & See which we held at Ten Atlanta Restaurant & Bar. And it was during the middle of the day. And the floor was spotlessly clean. But still, it's the bathroom floor of a gay nightclub. And nobody wants to end up on the bathroom floor of a gay nightclub - especially with a baby!

  • Ladies Room. Enough said. When there isn't a changing table in the Men's Room, I head straight for the Ladies Room. And I find The Ladies surprisingly open and accepting when they walk in to find us invading their space. They're probably just glad they don't need to change him! And here's a little bonus, they usually have sofas and soft seating in there. Very nice!

  • Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Concourse A (and C and F). It seems we're never close enough to the bathrooms when he needs to be changed. Sometimes it's just easier to plop him down on a seat in the departure gate than run for a bathroom that may or may not have the proper facilities. You never know what happened on that seat before you sat down!

  • Top of the closed toilet in an airplane bathroom on a Delta flight. Domestic, international, first class or coach - you pick the flight and we've used them all and most do not have a changing table. On some flights they have this little flap that drops down and looks more like an Olympic balance beam versus a changing table. Maybe it works for one of those "tiny" houses on TV but it doesn't cut it in real life. #SpoilerAlert! Sometimes we come back from the toilet unchanged and just do it in the seat. Like I said before, you never know …!

I could go on and on but I don't think I need to - I'm sure we've all changed our little ones in some crazy places. Clearly I'm overly sensitive to the placement and usage of changing tables but I've noticed them more and more often in men's bathrooms.

Earlier this week we held a meeting with work at the Hotel Indigo Downtown Atlanta. A changing table wasn't included in the agenda - it could've been for some of our more whiney colleagues; however, when I saw it, I couldn't believe my eyes. There it was - a sleek and shiny, perfectly integrated changing table. It wasn’t rendered unusable by being shoved into a corner at some odd angle or hidden in the disabled access stall. This changing table was clearly visible, so completely accessible that a smile broke out on my face. I was so excited, I took a photo, two in fact! They could still use a dispenser for those hand towels but I digress, this was a thing of beauty!

And then today after the Peachtree Road Race we went to a restaurant in Inman Park for an after race brunch. We had a great time celebrating our run and spending time with family & friends. Then we found ourselves right back where we started - on the men's room floor! And we were reminded that while these times are a-changin', they haven't completely changed yet.

Thank you Hotel Indigo Atlanta Downtown and all the other places we've encountered with well placed changing tables. It really makes a difference when we're out & about with the little man.

Sound off & let us know the craziest place you've changed your little person!


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