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Are the adoptions final?

I finished the last blog indicating that we needed to bring you up to speed on Doug’s adoption. I would like to tell you there was drama, but really no drama… What we needed to do is wait again however for the right judge that would allow this second parent adoption providing full custody to both of us equally. We received a call from the attorney! It looks like we will be able to finalize Doug’s adoption in July. We would be completing the process with the same judge that presided over my adoption. When this adoption is complete Doug and I both will have full custody of our son. No more traveling with documents and/or paperwork. So to fast forward a bit – we did go before the Judge in July and Jackson belongs legally to both of us.

Now that Jackson is really official, Doug and I need to do some many other things. We now can get his social security number so we can get his passport and oh yeah, the loft is not big enough so we need to buy a house for Jackson. A place that he can call home and come to love as his own to grow up and experience all that life has to offer.

This blog is a bit short as I am getting back into writing as Doug is now back from his month long trip to China and I can find time again to do some blogging. Please take a moment and share with me what you want to know about the adoption if you are planning or any other questions as I have moved through the pre and post adoption swiftly, but certainly happy to share thoughts that I may not have included as there has been so many things. But I would love for you to help me with the next blog and I promise it will be this week for those fans I seem to have…

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